Norfolk Island Pine-Araucaria heterophylla

Although she’s not really a pine at all this tropical gal is native to the South Pacific. You often only see this one available around Christmas but we think she’s such a beauty that we keep her around 12 months out of the year. While not overly showy she brings a stately, evergreen look to your home. Bring out the ornaments at Christmas and give her a little glam for the holidays.

Keeping this girl happy: Place in a medium to bright room. The less light the slower it will grow. Water once each week. Watch out for root rot. Make sure that the top 1 inch of soil is dry before you water. Feed every month with a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplants between March and October.

Companion Plants: Red Aglaonema, Satin Picta, Boston Fern

Comes in plastic grow pot. Decorative containers pictured are available in store or online for an additional fee.

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