Valentine's Made Simple

Our Valentine's Made Simple program allows employees the opportunity to have Valentine's gifts to be delivered to their workplace free of charge. The easy online ordering and free delivery can be a useful benefit to provide to your employees by adding a level of convenience to what can otherwise be a stressful day.  

Ordering for the employees is as simple as selecting a floral arrangement size and style, choosing any other gift items they may want, and placing the order on our website. We provide your employees with a personalized PROMOCODE to use at checkout to qualify for the free delivery. Orders will be delivered on February 14th before the end of day (at the schedule of your choosing), so all employees leave with gifts in hand negating the need for them to make an extra stop on the way home. 

If your company is not currently apart of our Valentine's Made Simple program, please have your HR reach us at to set up an account.

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