freckle farm garden group

Have you ever wanted to start a big garden project but didn't know where to
get advice? You could find plenty of garden blogs and scientific papers online,
but the translation to what those mean to your own garden can be difficult.

Here at Freckle Farm, we have a passion for plants and a passion for people.
We have years of gardening experience and plant knowledge, and we love helping
people with wherever they are in their gardening journeys.

"Friends are the flowers in the garden of life." This is why we have
decided to create a garden group! We want to bring people together and become
better gardeners together by sharing tips & tricks as well as taking a step
into the science side. Joining the group will give you access to monthly
meetups (held on the second Wednesday of every month starting in March), frequent
gardening giveaways, and free passes to a selection of our educational
workshops here at Freckle Farm.