Norfolk Island Pine-Araucaria heterophylla

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Although she’s not really a pine at all this tropical gal is native to the South Pacific. You often only see this one available around Christmas but we think she’s such a beauty that we keep her around 12 months out of the year. While not overly showy she brings a stately, evergreen look to your home. Bring out the ornaments at Christmas and give her a little glam for the holidays.

Keeping this girl happy: Place in a medium to bright room. The less light the slower it will grow. Water once each week (count slowly to 'four' while pouring water). Watch out for root rot. Make sure that the top 1 inch of soil is dry before you water. Feed twice a year with a general purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplants in March and August.

Companion Plants: Red Aglaonema, Satin Picta, Boston Fern

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