White Bird of Paradise-Strelitzia nicolai

Hello gorgeous! This exotic and tropical lady is sure to be a unique addition to your #plantbaby collection. If you spot this gal and mistake her flowers for a bird, don't worry - you're not alone. That is exactly where she gets her name! She has dark green, shiny leaves that often get confused with banana plants. 

Keeping this girl happy: Place in a very bright room in direct sunlight. Water once about a week. With the high-light requirement this gal is a moderately heavy drinker! Thoroughly wet the soil with each watering and let it dry down to moist before watering again. Feed monthly with a general purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplants between March and August.

Companion Plants: Ficus Elastica, Snake Plant, Croton

    Comes in plastic grow pot. Decorative containers pictured are available in store or online for an additional fee.

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