Apple Trees-Available In-Store

Grow a little food security today! Nothing is quite as gratifying as growing your own fruit at home. Apple trees are one of the hardiest fruit trees for Cache Valley. Preorder yours today and beat the rush. We sold out extremely fast last spring. 

Apple varieties available in-store for 2022

  • Golden Delicious
  • Gala 
  • Gravenstein
  • Honeycrisp 
  • 4-n-1 Combo (4 apple tree varieties grafted onto one rootstock)

For additional info about apple varieties click here. Note: not all varieties shown on the following document are available in our growing climate.

All fruit trees come in a 7-gallon container (approx 6' tall to start), root-established, with excellent branch structure. These are 3-4 year old trees, not brand new bare-root. Get fruit faster.

Once they arrive they will be labeled with your name and we'll contact you to arrange delivery or pickup.

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