Patio Garden: Salsa Garden

Grocery store salsa doesn't hold a candle to salsa made from ingredients grown by YOU! Try our ready-made Patio Garden- Salsa Garden.  All you need to get started is this plant kit, a container, and some soil. Can't you smell the Cilantro and fresh onions now? Get your chips ready.


Kit includes*:

  • 1- Tomato
  • 1- Jalapeno Pepper
  • 2- Cilantro
  • 8- White Onions

*Combination of vegetable starts and sets

Order today to reserve your kit. Kits won't be available for pick up or delivery until after May 15th (based on average last frost date). 

Kit Options: 
1 plant kit (fills a 3' round container) $24.99**
1 plant kit + galvanized planter (3' dia x 1' T) (no soil) $77
1 plant kit + galvanized planter (3' dia x 1' T) + formulated raised bed soil $119

**Can be used to fill multiple smaller containers

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