"Forever in Love" Orchid

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The delicate, exotic, and graceful orchid is the perfect representation of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Wow your valentine with the jaw-dropping beauty of the orchid paired PERFECTLY with our sleek and luxurious Copa planter. This beauty boasts vibrant, rich leaves with striking and dramatic flowers. Our team of our Plant Care Experts will carefully plant up your Phalaenopsis orchid in the correct soil medium. We will select the perfect flower color ranging from passionate purple, pretty pink, opalescent white, creamy green and so much more. Please inquire if you have a particular color request. 

Keeping this pretty girl happy: Keep in indirect light. Direct morning light is fine, but it's best to avoid direct afternoon light as her vibrant leaves will fade. She LOVES humidity. Keeping her by a kitchen or bathroom window is great if the lighting is correct. Otherwise misting or a humidifier is encouraged. Water every week and ensure she has good drainage. Make sure she is never left in standing water.

Height (plant+container): 20 inch
Width (container only): 6 inch

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