Garden in a Box: Gourmet Pesto Garden

Go Greek! Bucket list destinations are home to epic food. This collection will transport you to the the Greek Islands. We've included everything but olive oil.

Kit includes*:  

  • 2- Tomato (2 varieties
  • 4- Basil
  • 2- Oregano
  • 1- Parsley
  • 1- Chives

*Combination of vegetable starts

Order today to reserve your kit. Kits won't be available for pick up or delivery until after May 15th (based on average last frost date). 

Kit Options:
1 plant kit (fills a 4'x4' bed) $39.99
1 plant kit + galvanized planter (2'x1'x6') (no soil) $173
1 plant kit + galvanized planter (2'x1'x6') + formulated raised bed soil $242

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