Carnivorous Plants: The Beasts of the Bog

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Saturday, March 23rd
10:00-11:30 am

Join us at Freckle Farm as we explore the strange world of plants that eat creatures! In this fascinating workshop, we will be exploring the amazing plants that derive their nutrition from insects. 

In this family workshop we will learn about:

  • bog gardens and the variety of carnivorous plants they host
  • How these unique plants adapted for survival 
  • Proper care of these peculiar specimens
  • Feeding carnivorous plants 

Then we will make your very own bog garden to take home! The bog garden with include three carnivorous plants, a pot, and all planting material required. This creative experience is for a youngster and an adult to build together. Have other youngsters that want to join in the fun? Add on additional terrariums so they can build their own too. One adult is required for every two kids. 

Ages 5+




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