Pretty in Pink

Irresistible, flowing silver foliage combines with delicate pink Begonia flowers to create an enchanting addition to any patio. This arrangement includes exotic Caladium foliage combining pink and silver colors in a single, fantastic leaf. Hummingbirds will love the tubular, pink flowers of the Gartenmeister Fuschia.

This recipe will perform best in:

 Part Shade/Shade

  • sun = 6 or more hours of sun
  • part sun = 4-6 hours of sun
  • part shade =  2-4 hours of sun
  • shade = less than 2 hours of sun

Each year we create the most bodacious boutique baskets that are overflowing with blooms, foliage, and excitement! They are planted in a 15-inch fiber pot that is perfect for dropping into a decorative container. These stunning baskets are carefully grown from mid-February until they are ready to go home with you in May. Our pre-orders for 2022 are now open!

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